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“Want to Experience” and Learn Wakeboarding in 1 Hour?Yes , then You are in the right Track.

By: ChinitaMayAnn

April 24,2018

1 Hour Wakeboarding in Papakits Marina & Fishing Lagoon.


  • How to go to Papakits Liloan

  • Maps & estimated fee for taxi


  • Accommodation

  • Activities tickets prices

  • Wakeboarding park prices

  • How to go back to mactan

  • Estimated fee for grab taxi

  • Websites

  • Contacts

You can take a wakeboarding beginners lesson and be standing up after a few goes. Take a couple more lessons and you’ll be jumping the wake before you know it.

Now, I’m Ready to share my Experience learning in wakeboarding with in 1 hour. It’s tough learning a new sport . You will fall on your face a lot , I found it it’s difficult when it’s your first time. You’’ll use muscles you didn’t even know you had. But it’s all worth at the end , because learning a new activities is so much fun.

So This is it!.

I came from Mactan New Town as you can see the map going to Liloan. And estimated amount.


This is the estimated amount.

If you haven’t tried wakeboarding, then maybe it’s time for you to go and visit Papa Kit’s to experience this cool outdoor adventure!


If you want to learn wakeboarding or find out if its right for you, before you rent out all the equipment and a board, you can watch some of the great wakeboarding videos available online or some activities.

Staffs are very friendly and fun to be with. They will help you to learn how to wakeboard ,They are all amazing and they will teach you step by step.

All I can say about this activities was fun, awesome and worth it.

More activities ,more fun.

The wakeboard instructor will teach you first step that you have to bend always your knees if you are a first-timer.They have a good words of advice that you should take.

Don’t afraid to fall.

Credited by keigo.netz

I noticed in my first wakeboarding lesson was very hard this sport is on your arms, you have to get strong arms quickly , but within minutes your arms will start to ache. This is totally normal if you’re not used to it ,trust me,you’ll get stronger and get used to it.

I can do this.


Finally , for almost 1 hour they are very patiently teached me how to wakeboarding ,it’s a natural tendency for the first time wakeboarding to pull on the rope. So please don’t do it or else you will catch an edge and take a tumble ,you will realize that the water isn’t soft at all it kinda hurts. Trust me again it’s really worth it.

I am very thankful and grateful for this staff:

Cebu Wake Park Team Wakeboard.

The beauty of wakeboarding is the learning curve is quite steep. But we have saying like practice makes perfect,

Its More fun in the Liloan Philippines if you do and experience other activities as well.


Check this out↓↓↓↓↓↓more Activities:

If you want to enjoy more try this out!!. Have fun!!

Kindly check their Website for more activities and also How to Reserve a Room if you want to stay Overnight , all guidelines was all there. ↓↓↓↓↓↓

Email: / or mencap




Cebu Wake Park Prices:

1 ride →→→→→→PHP 100

1 hour →→→→→→PHP 400

2 hours →→→→→→PHP 650

4 hours→→→→→→ PHP 950

8 hours →→→→→→PHP 1350

So it’s time to go back Home.

Papakits Marina & Fishing Lagoon (Liloan) To Mactan New Town .

Estimated amount from Liloan


Papa Kits, Silot Bay, Liloan
6002 Cebu City
+63 943 816 3246

Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon
Address: Poblacion Liloan, Cebu,
Address: Philippines
Front Office: (00)(63)(32) 424-1086
Weekdays: 9AM – 5PM
Weekends: 8AM – 5PM

For more Videos and Activities to Experience Please visit us :

Thank you and Enjoy!!

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