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【ビーリゾートマクタン/Be Resort Mactan】セブ島のおすすめホテルシリーズ



ビーリゾートマクタン/Be Resort Mactan

Be Resort is located at Punta Engaño Road , Lapu Lapu City.

Actually this time Be resort is under Renovation but only other parts of their Area, like Restaurants and billiard they are upgrading to their Resort.

This beach was so nice and good ambiance, their staff was very accommodating and accurate for my inquiry.

So, here I will Updated you how much the daily use and the price of their rooms .

Take note : This price is just only Temporary because they are under renovation so it’s quit lower price than regular price.



How to get there

Grab Taxi is better to use than Regular Cab because of their fixed price. So from Mactan Airport to Be Resort the fare is around 198php.

But if you will use Motorbike (Angkas App) the fare is about 136php , If you will use Regular Habal Habal probably they will ask more higher than this price.


This side was under renovation and they used it for the parking for the motorbike.

Staff was friendly and they really do their best and despite they handled it with a good service and good smile to their customers.

Some Area was on going to renovation but the beach was not affected , it was really great and nice view and place.

It was amazing experience to saw this infinity pool , Some other staff was maintained this area because they have a guests using this pool while the right side was doing some construction but I can actually say it’s safe because when I went there they told me estimated month they will finish this coming August.

Pool open time around 7:00AM – 10:00PM

They are totally upgrading because this area is for the billiard and Now, this area is for the Gym and Quit amazing.

Not affected and it’s still beautiful nice view and amazing.

This is good if you will bring your friends and Enjoy hanging out here. Too bad so Hot in here ahahh LOL😂

Public Restrooms

Beach open at 7:00AM -6:00PM

I will provide you the Temporary Rates of Be Resort Mactan and The Regular price since they are under Construction.

Be Resort (Temporary Rate)

Be Cool (Standard Room) – 4,160PhP (garden view/city view)Be Chic (Premium Room) -4,940PhP ( swimming pool/Sea View) Be classy (Suite Room) – 6,240PhP ( guaranteed beach view)

Take note : This price are just temporary because of the renovation and there will a chance to change the price after they upgrade.

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Be Resort ( Original Price )

Be Cool (Standard Room) – 8,000php (garden view/city view)Be Chic (Premium Room) -9,500php( swimming pool/Sea View) Be classy (Suite Room) – 12,000php ( guaranteed beach view)

Extra Person : 1,800php ( Breakfast Inclusive)

All Rooms types are Good for 2 Adults & 2children (12years old and below only) With Complimentary breakfast good for 2persons.



child : 0-4yrs old (FREE)

5-12 yrs Old (370php)

Adult : 650php


Be Resort Mactan

Punta Engaño Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

+63 32 236 8888


ホテル名 ビーリゾートマクタン/Be Resort Mactan
エリア マクタン島
住所 Punta Engaño Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
電話番号 +63 32 236 8888
チェックイン/アウト check in time : 15:00pm /Check out time : 00:00noon
予約方法 格安予約のAgoda
行き方  マクタン空港からタクシーで約30分(有料送迎有り)
対応言語 英語、フィリピン語、韓国語
求人 ラインdeセブ島仕事探し探検隊



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